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The Sun’s Children, be enlightened!

Film 1

Rah returns

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Formal Universe Model

...the super-powerful computers should say their words.
One of them, 2 million pounds of value is very busy now, working out
the models of the Universe at the Cambridge University.
A team of scientists with not less powerful computer is working in the
well-known Silicone Valley (the USA).
It’s curious that the researchers are planning to model the history of
the Universe from the very first seconds after the Large Explosion up to
the present days with the help of their “intelligent machines”. It takes
the period of 10-12 billion of years.
The scientists don’t ask their machines about the information what was
there before “the first seconds”, they don’t want to ruin them at once.
...according to the forecasts the results can be expected approximately by the year of 2000.
Maxim Ivanov, “The First Picture of God”, in “Megapolis-Express”, #21, June,2,

When the Intermost of the Intermost wished to manifest Himself, first He
made a point, created the sacred form and put splendid raiment on it –
it’s the Universe.
“Sepher Yetsir”


The criteria of a satisfied Universe Model

The most of thinking persons today imagine that the Universe is a United Living and Rational Organism.

However, there is no generally acknowledged Model of the Universe.

What are the common standards in the basis of this model?

Such model should demonstrate perfectly the multilevel hierarchy of poly-measured spaces on the levels of the Development of the Universe and its forms from one side; and from the other side it should locate any objects of the Universe in any moment of Its vital activity.


“Down from Above” and ”Up from Down” Universe Models

Now such models exist where the author’s constructions come from “above”, or from the General Rational Principles down to the minutest object.

The construction of the formal models of the Universe according to “up from above” type we refer to the expressive characteristics of the Epoch of Fishes, which symbolizes the process of Spirit Immersion and concedes into the Structure.

We think in the Epoch of Water-Carrier the Man’s Mind can see the mutual process of intertransferring “Spirit-Structure” and watch the Universe Structure both “up from down” and “down from above”.

And as one more demonstration of the Epoch changing is the fact of appearing of “digestible” model of the poly-measured and poly-leveled Universe built according to “up from above” model.



The concept of the world (space, measure) and the creator’s maturity.

According to the theory of mass, energy and motion conservation the Universe is closed (or limited) in space.

We put the law about the spaces’ (worlds’) maturity in the basis of our structure:
The world is mature if it’s closed

In this law we set the harmony of “the age” (the category of “continuation”)

and the structure (the category of space organization).

In other words we consider the notions “mature” and “closed” the same.

Let’s arrange that the geometrical centres of these mature worlds are their creators.

The point is a world of zero-measure.

This world is quite complicated and equivocal, but we won’t speak about it much.


The Simpliest One-Measured World

The line is already not a one-measured world.

How can you imagine the process of arising a one-measured world?

It’s not difficult to notice that the process of arising-creating of a line is the unification (cooperation, increasing) of the points. Here you can see the fact of smaller worlds’ sacrificing: one-measured world appears due to “the voluntary sacrifice” of the zero-measured worlds.

The simpliest mature one-measured world is a circumference.

Let’s call the radius of a circumference the radius of creation.

Let’s call the flatness where we have this circumference the flatness of creation.

A“released side” of thend the perpendicular towards the tangent of the creation (that is the tangent of the Circumference) in the flatness of creation let’s call the direction of creation.

It’ll be useful for the comprehension of the world of more measures.

In this model of a one-measured world we can distinguish the creator (the centre of the

circumference) of this world, the one-measured world itself (the circumference itself) and the space of creation (don’t mix it with the notion “the flatness of creation”). The space of creation is the analogy of the original structure (or first-begotten chaos-humus or “waters”).

The maturity (or the close state) of this one-measured world lets consider interminable. Everybody knows the proverb: Love is a ring, and the ring has neither the beginning, nor the end.

Let’s put ourselves into this world’s inhabitants’ shoes. Now we are some kind of stretches. What do you think about it? There is a well-known saying: That who moves, that lives. Let’s move a little, shall we?

OK. There, or here. There. Or back. Or there, and there, and there.

It’s enough to have one pair of ordinate axes to be able to set the direction of motion (both towards and backwards) and to describe the location of any object in this world. The same meaning is in the saying: “the inhabitants” of this world have only one degree of freedom. This (the minimum and enough quantity of ordinate axes for the location) and that (the degree of freedom for objects-inhabitants) correspond the measures of the world before us.

When any object of any other world gets into this world (or crosses it),these other worlds will be accepted as the objects of this very world (we mean one-measured one), but with some unusual qualities.

To these unusual qualities refer suddenness of ppearance and disappearance – from nowhere and to nowhere.

One more thing we would like to draw your attention to. It’s the actual impossibility for the “inhabitants” of this world to determine the size of their “infinite” world for certain or for sure (first of all for themselves), even if they suggest it to be a regular circumference.

The matter is in the fact that whatever “motionless” or the most “constant” object (for example light) of our world we choose as a counting point, we can’t be sure in the line of “conduct” of this counting-point around this world.

Also we don’t speak about a slightest “curve” of the space in the reality of the world before us.

But it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to “live” in this world or cognize it from inside.


The concept of 0-world (spaces, measures)

And what is more, the “inhabitants” of such world sooner or later would rather come even to God-searching and to the Conviction that God should be searching for “inside themselves”.

And this last conclusion from the point of view of the “inhabitant” of the two-measured world (the flatness) is the saddest and the most tragic one.

Well, he (“the inhabitant” of the world) sees very well (if anyone does) that the creator of This world (or the centre of the circumference) is out of this one-measured world.

In other words, the reality of such world would never cross the reality of the creator.

We call such worlds (or spaces, or measures) the 0-worlds (spaces, or measures).


The simpliest Two-Measured World

Now we’ll try to build up a two-measured world by analogy with the method we built the circumference.

Also we will move the radius of creation

towards the direction of creation,

simultaneously adding-increasing the same Elementary one-measured worlds (circumferences).

Here are the principle definitions in comparison with the process of building a circumference:

- While the process of creating a one-measured world we took a.point as an elementary world. And the notion of the “flatness Of the point” was not applicable for it. So in the process of building up a circumference the notion flatness of creation appeared towards the circumference.

On the stage of building up a two-measured space out of one-measured ones it’s necessary to make arrangements about the new (of the second measure) radius of creation and the flatness of creation.

- Let’s set that the new radius or creation always “blends with” (“goes on”) into the flatness of the elementary worlds’

creation from one side, and that the flatnesses of elementary worlds’ creation are always perpendicular to the flatness of the current creation.

Having taken in comprehension these definitions and having completed the building up of a two-measured world we can see That this two-measured world is the surface of a bread-ring (bublik).

On it’s surface we can easily distinguish the two mutually perpendicular ordinate axes

which are the directions of creation of the last (of the second row) Of the previous (one-measured world) ones.

You can easily find the space of creation both inside bublik (under its surface) and around it (above its surface).

You can also find the creator (the geometrical centre) of this two-measured world. It is completely free from the created world as in the circumference.

So this two-measured world we also refer to 0-world.


Three- and More-Measured Simple Worlds.

If on one of the stages of creation we take a world with a surface of bublik as an elementary world and apply the same technology of creating the measures, then as a result of creation we will get a new world, which would outwardly have the form of bublik

But this world is not a surface of bublik any more. The surface of bublik before us has only two measures of the previous worlds.

But actually we get a three-measured world inside bublik or the usual for everybody form, but infinite (or closed on itself).

Ask yourself a question for self-control: have you ever met an infinite form organized in such a way? You can ask yourself one more question: how did You imagine the infinite form before? The further we go the more interesting facts we get to know. Ask yourself for self-control again: can you imagine how 4-, 5-, 10- and more-measured worlds look like?

We don’t eliminate, there are some people who would answer affirmatively. Although we have never met such intellectuals before.

The answer to the last question is in the fact that 4- or any more-measured simple worlds look like usual bubliks which only appear on certain stages of creation from one side,

and which have different (according to the row of measures) complexity of the space structure from the other side.


What can limit the process of creating a new measure?

In principle nothing, if certain conditions are kept. Here they are: the creator, plus enough space of creation, plus enough quantity of elementary worlds (a row less than the creating measure).

From here come the restrictions. If one of these conditions is not kept, we can’t speak about the possibility of a creation of a new measure.


The Conception of 8-Worlds.

All considered bubliks and the circumference too we referred to 0-worlds according to their notions. It’s a pity. And all these worlds are so sad and neglected. But are there any worlds in which there is a possibility of “meeting the creator”?

Yes, there are.

We call such worlds the 8-worlds proceeding from the fact that such one-measured world look rather like “an eight” or the symbol of infinity.

The most amusing characteristic of the 8-world already at the stage of one-measure is, to our mind, the capability of the objects of this world of changing the relation

“outside-inside” after ”coming across the creator”, or the capability of re-poling.


Forms of the Universe at the Stages of Organising

We think the interchange of 0-worlds and 8-worlds (measures) is natural in the process of building up the model “up from down” at the stages of the Universal organizing.

At the stage of creating a one-measured world the form is the circumference (0-world)

At the stage of creating a two-measured world the form is the surface of bublik without the hole (8-world)

At the stage of creating a three-measured world the form is of

Apple (or the barrel without bottoms – 0-world)

At the further stages the forms of bublik without the hole (8-worlds)

and Apple (0-worlds) alternate each other.

The Creators of 0-measures are the Black Suns. Their reality for the inhabitants of the organized Universe is unattainable.

The creators of 8-measures are Usual(developed) Suns (or Stars)



The Natural Form of Motion in the Universe

The natural form of motion of the objects in the Universe is the Double Archimedean Spiral.

It already shows up at the stage of appearing of two-measured space (the surface of bublik without the hole) and can be the logical analogy of our solar system of the planets’ paths.

So, it follows that our Sun is the Maternal Lap in the literal sense.

We all came from the Sun at one time and we would all come back to the Sun one day.

So, whether someone like it or not, but we are all the Sun’s Children!

Good morning, my Family!


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