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The Sun’s Children, be enlightened!

Film 1

Rah returns


© Leo Sharq, Togliatti, 2000
© Nana, Togliatti, 2000
© Olga Suhareva, Togliatti, 2000

Aquarius (The Water-Carrier). Origins.

Russia. Mission.

The Universe. Structure forms at different evolution stages of polimeric spaces.

Thanks to:

Authors and creators of the film thank a citizen
of Togliatti Pavlova Alla Pavlovna whose
voluntary contribution helped to create
this film.


This film should be considered as the first integrated
illustration of astrology essays by Leo Sharq “Shuttle System of
Houses, or Firm Ground Finding.”
(Togliatti, printing enterprise “Sovremennik”, 1999)

There are speeches which sense
Is either obscure or trivial,
But it’s impossible
To listen to them without excitement.

How rich are their sounds
With the folly of desire!
There are tears of parting there,
There is excitement of rendezvous there.

From the flame and light
The born word
Would not meet the answer
In the worldly noise.

But in the temple, or in the fighting
Wherever I am
Having heard it
I will recognize it everywhere.

Not having finished the prayer,
I’ll answer that sound,
And would rush to it
Out of the fighting.
Michael Lermontov

I have used figures of speech to tell you these things. But the
Time will come when I will not use figures of speech, but will speak to you plainly about the Father.
According to John, Holy Gospel, Chapter 16, Verse 25

According to these calculations, the world approaches
anaragoristical revolution.
Michael Nostradamus, Introduction to Caesar’s Son

Here supreme tutor visible to the people, gathered at the square
and praying in the temple performs a solemn service to the Sun in
her three meanings: as to an incarnation of the great lifegiving
Spirit; as to the Native Lap where all the corporal substance
Of the whole Earth and all animate nature came from; and as to an image, resembling All-Mighty.
Daniel Andreev. The Rose of the World.

The Freedom comes naked,
Throwing flowers on the heart,
And we, being in step with it
Have a talk with the heavens on close terms.

We, warriors, will hit strictly
By our hand against the severe shields:
Let the people be the sovereign
Always, for ever, here and there!

Let the maidens sing at the window,
About the campaign of Old Times,
About the autocratic people -
Who are the Sun’s loyal subjects.
Velimir Khlebnikov

Oh, the Old World! Until you are lost,
Until you languish the sweet torment,
Stop, wise, as Edepe
Before the sphinx with an ancient mystery!

Russia is the Sphinx...

For the last time – think, the Old World
Barbarian lyre invite you
To the fraternal feast of labour and peace
For the last time to the happy fraternal feast.
Alexander Blok. Scythians.

Born in the night shade will reign,
Full of regal kindness,
He will revive his ancient descent
Renew the Golden Century instead of the Bronze One.
Michael Nostradamus. Centurion 5, Cathrene 41

The followers asked Jesus Christ, “Tell us, what will be the end
of our lives?” Jesus answered, “Did you find the beginning before
finding the end? Because in the place where there is the beginning
there is the end. The blessed one is that will be at the beginning:
he will know the life and will not die.”
(P.S.Taranov. Wisdom Anatomy.)


1. Epoch contrasts

Pisces (the Fishes) i

Watch-words of Pisces:

either you or to you

Divide and rule!

If you are not with us then you are against us!

Crucify him! Crucify!

Everybody is for himself. Only God is for everybody.

Any person is a stranger to the other person!

My house is my castle!

War is a war!

Attack first!

Gold and dice rule over the world.




Everlasting fighting!


The less you know the happier you are!

The strongest’s right.


Hunting for witches!

May you rest in peace!

Who is against us?!

Ours is the best!

Iron curtains!

Force centers!

Multipoled world!

Information war!


Antiterroristic operation!

Death battalion!

Victory at any price!


Eternal questions(?) or I am(?)

But other centuries’ illusion became boring:
Isn’t it my fate to be sleepy all my life?
I want to see very much
present things
in present
El Vzorov

I live in this apartment...
In this porch...
In this block of flats...
In this street...
In this city...
In this country...
On this planet...
In this solar system...
In this galaxy...
I live at present. Here and now!
But where is “here” and where is ”now”? Who knows?
Perhaps, it’s one of the “eternal questions”.
I am not Shakespear. But to my mind some of these “eternal
Questions” have already come to my mind.
Who I am?
Where am I from?
What am I for?
What do I do in this world? And generally speaking: what kind of
world I am in and where is the world moving?
Well, yes, these are the questions, which sometimes pull me out
for a few minutes from everyday routine and make me look around in
bewilderment. And even sometimes (I am ashamed of myself to say
that) try to look into strangers’ faces or catch somebody’s eye:
‘I wonder, what about them.” Are they able to understand the
reason of my special periodical anxiety and my special periodical

Or are they OK?
Of course in the everyday competition for the best piece of cake
there is, as a rule, no time for these special anxiety and emotion.
You are lucky if you can cope with usual troubles.
It’s a good think that the fruits of the civilization and progress didn’t go round me.
Much time ago I had already decided that the best tranquillizer is
the TV set.
The best remedy to calm down is to spend a couple of hours in
front of the telly.
Just can’t be nervous any more. You are not so fool after all!
One can feel worse then you do now. And many people in a lot
of ways feel worse than you do now.
So, don’t make your fate angry.
Convincingly? Logically? Relax. You are in front of the telly.
It’s not you who is in the telly.
There are others there. But you are in front of the telly You are
here. They are there. There is you here.
There are them there. Here – there. You – them. They – you. There – here. They – you.
Virtual reality.
Have your telly and everything becomes simple and clear.
You don’t need barricades, fences, walls anymore. You and them,
your friends and strangers, they have already been definitely
defined and opposed.
And it’s already not important what street (country, planet,
galaxy) you live in... There is you here (here and now)!
There (and perhaps then) are they! Strangers! Unfamiliar people!
It’s them whom I see in the telly.
Stop! Who am I? Where from – where to – what for?...
These are eternal questions again.


Century eclipse – New Epoch eclipse

Son of Man promised a number of heavenly omens which associate
very naturally with the Century eclipse horoscope (Cross Eclipse)
on the 11th of August 1999.

Гороскоп Золотого Века

There are such lines in Chapter 24 according to Mathew, Gospel,
“Soon after the trouble of those days, the sun will grow
dark, the moon will no longer shine, the stars will fall from
heaven, and the powers in space will be driven from their courses.
Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky; and
all the peoples of the Earth will weep as they see the Son of Man
coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
The great trumpet will sound, and he will send, and he will
send out his angels to the four corners of the Earth, and they
will gather his chosen people from one end of the world to the other.”


Aquarius h

Those who sleep, wake up!
And the dead will revive.

After the Cross Eclipse we actually live in Aquarrius’ Epoch. The other name of this epoch is Human Epoch.

For the last twenty centuries all initiated– well informed-perfectly wise – righteous people – foresight people connected their hopes with “Kingdom of God reign” with Son of Man’s returning (or, what is the same – the second Christ’s coming).

Such names as Son of Man, A Big Man, The United Mankind, Adam Cadmon and other words with the similar meanings are equivalents though they are different in pronunciation.

Everything that had to be fulfilled according to Gospel prophecies had been fulfilled in superlative. Plagues, deceases, wars of extermination and “abomination of Desolation on holy place”. And the holy Gospel about the coming of God’s Kingdom has gone round the world during 20 centuries.

And multitude of angels have already been transferred on the Earth for the most considerate and responsible work of Nowadays - for separating “the kernels from the membranes” and to transfer the Earth to the righteous peoples’ possession.

Non every loafer who thinks of himself as a “master of life” is able to see and form a correct estimate of the colossal scale and grandeur of the performing actions of “the Coming on the Cloud and those who are with him.”

And not all heaven messengers-----------------------------, caused by the shock of immersion into the structure.

In fact it’s extremely difficult not to learn to howl when you keep company with the wolf.”

But the Cock has already crowed! But the sunrise has already come! But the holy light heaven warriors increase from day to day in geometrical progression.

Of course, the process of “God’s accession on the Earth”, or “The Heavens descending on the Earth” doesn’t take one moment only.

And actually the stepping from the Epoch of Pisces (The Fish) into the Epoch of Aquarius(The Water-Carrier) doesn’t mean momentary transformation of the life principles.

But even today it’s important to know, to see, and to understand the differences of these epochs.

The importance of understanding of the new ascents even today comes from the fact that we right then plan Mankind’s life for the next two thousand years.

Astrologists say here, “The most important things are inherited at the beginning.”

All ideas of the Aquarius Epoch are not new at all. All of them are displayed in a certain way, but some of them are tried on a very bad practice and so they are darkened – destroyed – ruined.

Rehabilitating these vicious ideas, we are going to take as a basis the symbolism of the Epoch of Water-Carrier.

The symbol of the Epoch of Water-Carrier is a picture of a Two-Sex Person (Hermaphroditos, androgene) who is pouring living and dead water in the same direction.

It is considered to be widely known that the Epoch of Water-Carrier is the Epoch of Friendship and Cooperation.

But only a few people are aware that these Friendship and Cooperation spread over all The United Mankind, and that means Two-Sex Person or Hermaphroditos.

This is the very basic essence of the symbol of the New Epoch.

Two-Sex biblical Adam at the beginning had a falling (Good and Evil cognition or Division Cognition), and gains United Wholeness, which is proved by God’s words: “So, Adam became as one of us, who knows the Good and the Bad”.

The ability to interpret the human truth widely is one necessary characteristic of the New Person.

For example, from the time of musketeers, there is one slogan known: One for all and all for one.

However, for the New Century it’s not enough for only 4 friends or any other limited company of people. In the Epoch of Water-Carrier this slogan becomes a norm of human Society on planetary scale.

There are some mentions of impossibility of creating the New Person Society in a separate country or on some limited territory in the places of the Gospel, where Christ warns his followers against temptation, when the pseudo-Christs would come and say that the Kingdom of God is there and there.

Today these warnings should be understood correctly: the Kingdom of God on the Earth will come if only the Humanity will unite to the Planetary Community. And there is no guilt of righteous people who inherited the Earth that many of the living beings (or even “well-living beings”) who staked and go on staking the other horse, that is, count on wars and the whole militarization of life.

The main trade of the New Time is Service.

One of the main slogan of the Epoch of Water-Carrier is: Unite and Serve!

Serve to all and everybody! Soon every person will understand that All in this context includes the whole Hierarchic of Life Creators, except the living beings.

Then on a new model of the Universe we will show that the nearest creator to us is Our Sun. And not only the origin of heat and energy that is known necessary for dawning of Life. But also the Maternal Lap for the Earth and what is on the Earth in the literal sense of the words.

God of the Epoch of Water-Carrier is God of Order.

We don’t mean that mysterious incomprehensible Order with the help of which the Formidable and All-Powerful God punishes and torments his people for nothing, but that Order, which we see in harmony of spheres.

The Order, negotiable to peoples’ minds comprehension and to supporting by Peoples’ efforts.

The ruler of Water-Carrier is the Uranus. The Azure and Boundlessness of the Heaven Spaciousness and Different Colours of a Clear Day are distinct in the archatypical images of the Uranus.

On a clear day most of usual things have new shades and meanings.

Today we reread the vague statement of Nostradamus and understand it in a new way – as “an anaragoristic revolution”. In astrology the term “revolution” means “returning”. “Ana” is a well-known word for pharmacists and doctors, which means “in equal shares”. Rah and Gore are well-known names of Egyptian Sun-Gods. Well, using so frightening names the foresighter meant just “the returning of the Sun’s One Kingdom” or the returning of Equally-Great Sun-Gods if you please.

The Sun is also a source of Real Knowledge (or Enlightenment) what in the symbol of Epoch of Water-Carrier develops itself in a Stream of Living Water and means Knowledge of Eternal Life or Knowledge of Gaining the Immortality.

Well, what is then Dead Water, which is compulsorily met (no Way). Dead Water is the Knowledge of Life Experience, Work Rules and Safety Engineering and in the end the firm structure of matter and hard forms. Well, first of all, Living and Dead Water mean Knowledge.

That’s why the other motto of the New Time will be:
To Know – To Understand – To Check!
To Know the Truth, to Understand the Things around you, to Check the Direction of Motion.

The Truth Knowledge becomes the main value, the main wealth of a Big Person.

The process of Comprehension is one of the two parts of the
Service. Jesus admonished his followers:
“Save your riches in heaven, where they will never decrease”.
[Gospel, according to Luke, Chapter 12, Verse 33]

We quote the Bible so often not because of the fact that the Bible is the only source of the Eternal Truth on the Earth. The matter is that among all Holy Writings the Bible is the most accessible and the clearest source. And we don’t doubt that the same Eternal Truth is in the other Holy Writings (as the Koran, the Talmud and others) of all the Times and the Nations.

Jesus spoke himself in connection with it:
“There is much room in my Father’s house”.

The other essential part of the Service (as the main work of Water-Carrier) is the Realization of Cognition on practice (or on the material of the Terminal Life on the Earth and Eternal Life on the Heavens). In other words they are called “good jobs”.

It’s easy to notice that the words “good jobs” determine the principles of separating Good from Bad (or False, or Unnatural).

So, the process of realization always come after the Process of cognition.
Or: cognition always precedes realization. Of course, we don’t reveal anything new when we say that the stage of apprenticeship precedes the stage of Mastery.

We speak about other thing. The Knowledge of the Epoch of Water-Carrier itself (or the Main Basic Truth of the New Time) differs from the common so far Knowledge as the sledge-hammer and the anvil differ from the bow and violin.

Much of this Knowledge have been revealed. Something has been settling in our contemporaries’ minds. But it’s extremely necessary to emphasize the criteria of the Basic Truth. So, what qualities of the New Knowledge will be able to give us “the confirmation” to our own God-equality?

There are some of these qualities:
- This Knowledge must be simple, generally available and clear at the up-to-day level of our society development as plain as the nose on your face;
- This Knowledge must clear up every doubt about Animation, Reason and Eternity of our Universe and about Immortality of a Man;
- In the light of this Knowledge any intentions, words, and actions must be defined as good or bad.

Of course, while speaking about “simplicity” and “clearness” we remember about usual digressions connected with changing of “mentality stereotypes”.

We have been having this very stereotype changing now. It’s very important right now to unite all these messengers of the world to facilitate, quicken and harmonize this difficult (sometimes Extremely difficult) process of transferring from one epoch to another.

There is statement, which is perfectly remarkable and clear to all the contemporaries: “For it [that day] will come as the net unto those who live on the Earth.”

The matter is that every net: a broadcasting one, a television one, an international one or that of multileveled marketing is the example of the soft active structures of social life in the Epoch of Water-Carrier unlike the hard inactive structures of the Epoch of the Fishes.

Here you can easily find a tip for using these nets to spread the New Knowledge. These nets allow to spread widely the New Knowledge in the shortest time. And at present they have already been doing it.

This is the guarantee that “the Pharisees and bookworms” would not Possess the Knowledge Key again. The New Knowledge is given to everybody who desire and are capable of getting into IT and carrying IT.

The more people have the New Knowledge the more hopes that IT will be Saved and Used in the right way.

As for another criterion against the New Knowledge - the Criterion of removing the doubts about Liveliness, Intellect, and Eternity of the Universe, we would make the following notes: the modern materialistic science can see in this criterion the attempts of creating Perpetual Mobile.

But from the point of view of this very science such a thing (we mean Perpetual Mobile) is impossible in fact, so it isn’t worth giving serious thought to it.

Oh, our dear readers (watchers), let this absolute Statements of our Science Authority not to confuse you.

And for those who are unsophisticated here is some consoling Words of Nostradamus:
“The King will be left by the physicists...
And the pardon will be given to the people who
Envy Christ”
[D.&N. Zima “Decoded Nostradamus”, Moscow: Ripoll-Classic, 1998]

In this catrene the foresighter indicates the crisis of the materialistic science of today, and the “Great King” was implied by the displayed Structure and materialism.

Jesus said about this very criterion of the New Knowledge,
“The blessed is that who will stay at the beginning: he will know
the end and will not die.”

The third criterion of the New Knowledge which we have indicated has just applied character and will develop while the New Knowledge spreads and confirms.

And now if anyone wonders whether this Knowledge is possible we can say, with the full responsibility that

This Knowledge is not only possible, but has already been created and exists on the Earth really.

But if someone would ask again: Where?

Here is the answer: In Russia according to Christ’s words:
“There where is a corpse, there come the eagles.”
[“According to Luke”, Chapter 17, Verse 37]

Some explanation: Eagle is a bad designation of Scorpio in Western Zodiac.

Scorpio in the tradition of Western astrology symbolizes Death and Renaissance.

Joan Pritcher in his Revelation mentions the “flying eagle” among the four animals “within the throne and round the throne.”




As a Man can’t be without his Soul,
So the whole world can’t be without Russia.
El Vzorov

For the scripture says, ”The first Man Adam was created a living Being; but the last Adam is the life-giving Spirit.
It’s not the spiritual that comes first, but the physical, and then the spiritual.”
The first message to corinthians from the sacred apostle Paul, Chapter 15,
Verses 45-46

... There are about 6 thousand of different religious sects
and trends in Russia nowadays, moreover 2 thousand of them are
officially registered.
{the information from the TV show “Man&Law” at the end of October,1999)

Who is not with us just don’t know yet that he is with us too!
The slogan of Water-Carrier

At the breaking of the Epoch the whole world takes a good look into the future, trying not to make a serious mistake at the Crucial moment of the solving definition of the further way of Wandering (life). All the world now is at the cross roads.

But with more attention that into the future, the world watches the situation in Russia closely. It’s natural. Russia is a country of the epoch of the Water-Carrier. The progressive people consider that it is in Russia where all messages of the New Epoch will be displayed before others and most vividly. And precisely with Russia their worst Apprehensions and their best hopes are connected today.

And what about the Russia herself? She is as usual, as other countries so far. So far she has been Choosing her way. To be at the cross-roads is extremely difficult!

And also when there is so wide choice of offers! Just think:
6 thousand of different religious sects and trends try to help us not to make a mistake in our choice.

Is it possible to help somehow a mere mortal, who doesn’t know all the details of the intrigue and temptation, who can’t look into these surplus of offers? It’s very difficult. But... not hopeless.

If we compare the present situation with a well-known fairy-tale plot, when the hero is “to choose among the THREE ways”, it’s clear that with all their surplus of authors and projects of further development routes of the society, they all can come to the three principle trends.

Figuratively these trends can be called the trends of the Body, Soul and Spirit.

Having made the slightest effort you can easily see what part of this classical trimonial prevails in the Person.

What are the characteristics of these trends?


The Trend of Body:

The emphasis here is on the natural-brute element in the Person. In fact it’s the continuation of the trends we have been keeping to the last two hundred years, especially in the West.

The main essence of these trends is the fighting and rivalry strategies.

The superiority of the brute instinct over the feelings and intellect, and as a logical result, the desire for “fuller satisfaction of the material needs” are the main characteristics of this trend.

There is a part of this trend in every of us.

And the expectation of the “mortal fighting” excites us and makes us uneasy in a way.

The matter is that this trend reaches the limit of its resources because of the perspective of the total self-extermination in “the great fighting”.

So whether one likes it or not, all the slogans about “fighting” must be utilized for the justification of the status of Homo Sapience.

And all so called “true” theories, which make excuses to the creeds and spread the true by force should also come down.

Towards the extreme reactionaries of the same direction may be referred trends and offers of every kind, which doubt or reject directly any positive role of the scientific and technical progress, and cognition process, which appeal to turning back to the nature (to caves) and Desocialization (returning to its native state).

The part of the peoples’ leader is given miraculously to the only chosen one – the Son of God and usually associated with the author or the offered development theory, usurping the right for being right. But in fact he just takes the form of government in his hands.

The central place in agitation and propaganda takes the care of daily bread, the interests of Motherland and horizontal vectors.

The highest spiritual plans of the Person are cut off, reduced “for being unnecessary”, are considered to be harmful, false, alien.

With any phrasal constructions apologists of these trends never make any constructive contact with the representatives of other trends, for any unity is possible for them only when it is favourable for their indisputable authority of their personal theory.

From this very direction of this trend the western partners temp any Russian politician or even a businessman today.

Unfortunately, you can often feel embarrassment for our domestic public politicians, who don’t notice tricks and provocations in the questions about our military power or the state of economics.

The easiness with which they “gulp bait” and show the readiness to endorse the values of the past days makes us, at least, bewildered.

It’s very hard not to say:
Man cannot live on bread alone.


The Trend of the Spirit:

Here the accent is on the unlimited creatively divine potential force in the development of any person.

Dense material world of physical forms is an illusion and trifle, which only brings sufferings from unsatisfied desires and ambitions and which is of no real value.

The main occupation of the apologists of such trends is to temp the followers with the searching of unknown blissfulness and hurry them up to transfer to the next world.

The search for high Spiritual true is the traditional prerogative of the East.

The role of the vertical line of the aspiration is encouraged, taken on a brighter hue in every way, and the concern about corporeal-worldly-uselessness are reduced and suppressed for the sake of the desirable and coming eternal bliss.

The representatives of these trends are also self-satisfied, but not aggressive and don’t make any claims for being exceptional.

Giving much attention to the institutes for followers, they lay stress in spiritual ascent on the individual work and plural individual ways of true comprehension.

They are open for dialogues and cooperation within their programs of human recruitment.

One of the characteristics of these trends is the demonstration of miracles when they operate rough-material objects including the human body.

These trends are mostly attractive to charlatans-missioners as people avid for miracles, although imposture exposes itself in a short time because these missioners are extremely greedy and unscrupulous.

As for the true followers of these trends, the Universal pantheism is typical for them.

They think and live according to the Absolute Categories.

Any mortal is frightened to death by their complete contempt and disvaluation of any earthly blessings and pleasures of life.

And their sincerity is doubtful because of the polimeasures and various universes for an uninitiated.

Today you can easily recognize the most active representatives of these trends by their impatient expectation of the coming general ascension.

Forcing the natural course of events they divert peoples’ efforts and means from painstaking fulfillment of their natural duties both in the nature and in the society and so they increase enthropical and centrifugal forces of these very fussy and troubled day of the transition period.


The Trend of the Soul:

These trends are less displayed as far as they are the longest distance from the present time of their pro-images (the Epoch of Taurus (Bull)), but it’s them what are the most suitable challenges for being the main ones during the Epoch of Water-Carrier due to the cyclic-periodic theories.

These characteristics make the stress on the soul as on a specific human organ, which tell the Man from the specimens of the world of creatures (--------, animals) and from the ethereal world (heavens, angels)

As the Soul takes the central part in a human organism between the Body and the Spirit, so the Man himself is the central figure between the World of Animals and the World of Spirits.

Making stress on the problems of the Soul, these trends balance the care about the Body and the Spirit and the attention towards their specific needs.

The natural representative-carrier of the main characteristics of these trends is the Russians due to their historical experience and the present situation in Russia.

We don’t want to provoke the Great Power Chauvinism and Nationalism here.

We just draw and emphasize deliberately the idea in this context that due to the objective historical and territory characteristics the Russians today are not a nationality, not a Nation, not people only, but it’s a special state of Mind.

The trend of the Soul appears in Russia as the most natural and bread at home one, unlike the import expansion (for Russia) of other trends.

The characteristics of the Soul Trend are frankness, tolerance, comprehensive tendency and readiness to cooperation.

Nothing is run sweepingly down; nothing is brushed aside.

Everything (from an idea up to a technology) is made a note of and begins to being tested on in the world of the people, who are the representatives of the Soul Trend.

Well, that’s why Russia today and throughout all her history from the moment of the political system formation (the invitation of the Rurics for principality on the 21st of September, 862 New Style) is a natural examiner of all new products and phenomena of the civilization; all “goods and services” from Russia without “quality Certificate” have very doubtful outlooks.

The main theory of the Soul Trend is Life with an easy conscience.

The main inspiration of their goals and tasks is to Save the Earth for People.

The main stress in the picture of the world’s creation is Heliocentrism.

The Mission and the main closest aim is the unification of all people on the planet in the Unified World-Wide Family-Community and making a human and ennobled state system to work for IT.

The priority of a Person’s interests above the interests of a machine (and what is more of such an monstrous machine as the State machinery) is the most obvious and essential Distinguish feature of these trends from the previous ones.

The modern astrology also can demonstrate that Russia now quite fairly claims for being not the last one in the world historical process.

Гороскоп России

In the horoscope of Russia there is an aspect configuration of the Closed Square in the same signs and Houses as in the horoscope of the New Time.

This configuration creates the situation of a great resonance between the two horoscopes.

This very fact from the point of view of astrology puts Russia in perfectly unique conditions of Natural synchronizer of the world process today.

This fact should be reported to the public minds, first of all to our compatriots.

It’s time to stop thinking by categories of “Bread&Entertainment”.

With all clearness and obviousness the Mission of Russia as a country of Water-Carrier today is hard service to a Big Man by the way of Education and Association.

None of the Nations and none of the countries has so much Knowledge and Revelations as Russia does. And she is ready to share this Knowledge.

But when we say that Russia is ready to share Knowledge and Revelations, we mean to offer, but not to force.

Without vast work of the Soul (and Russia is the Soul of the World) this crippled world would hardly have a chance for “recovering”.

And to those who conscientiously try to disparage the Mission of Russia or input into the Russians’ minds the image of “well-heeled and sluggish prosperity” as a limit of dreams, we should remind that such profanations are considered as one of the death sins, that is the spiritual decay and the biggest price is exacted for such a sin.


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